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About Caramel

Caramel is about contributing to the happiness of disadvantaged children.

How do we do it?

Every month, a group of highly motivated volunteers come together to plan a whole day of entertainment and food for the children of selected orphanages around Malaysia – this day is called Caramel Day.

Caramel Day is directed by the Caramel Volunteer group whose members care deeply about social responsibility and the positive impact their actions can have in making the world a better place.

Keith W. Miranda
T: +61437150583


Rumah Amal Nur El Amin

Rumah Amal Nur El Amin houses and nurtures more than 50 students. These students are either orphans, of special needs or from poor family.

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Rumah Bakti

Rumah Bakti is orphanage for children from the age of 7 - 17. Rumah bakti houses 77 children in its hostel. 17 of them are in Primary School, 60 of...

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Rumah Hope

Rumah Hope was started in 1994 as an outreach of Good Hope Church in aid of 5 needy children and as a sanctuary for abused, neglected and under-pri...

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Rumah Ozanam

Rumah Ozanam caters to various needs of the less fortunate among us.

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About the Award

Caramel received the Bronze Award for Best Use of Small Budget in 2015
Malaysian Media Awards. This was the result of a campaign created to
prompt people to donate books and it was carried out by locating donation
bins with a transparent silhouette of children in strategic outlets. The call to
action was clear; fill the bins with presents and the silhouette gets visible.
The result was highly successful since we were able to collect books and
toys worth RM 39,539.90.

About the Volunteers

I associate caramel with sweetness as it is one of the key ingredients used in desserts. I believe in karma. Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns! Hope that our little act of sweetness & kindness will bring happiness to the kids, and for them to pass on this act of kindness.

My name is Shaun, not Shawn and not Sean its Shaun. I am a simple person who just wants to do his best in life. I was put I charged of the second Caramel Day I tried my best and that Caramel Day is one of the happiest day of my life. I felt the innocence and happiness kids showed on their face and at moment I knew I can make changes in the kids’ lives even if it’s just for a day.

Being part of Caramel is an eyes opener to believe laugh is the simplest way for kids to express themselves. You will never expect little sweetness you gave scatter sunshine their grey sky. Just get along with them, enjoy and cheer like they do. Another way of life learning process and yeah, I learned to appreciate too!

Growing up in a chinese family, parents has always reminded us on our core values. For one, instead of keep taking, we have to learn to be giving back to the society. I am happy to have the chance of participating Caramel charity.Child support, go green, land a helping hand and many more.Together, to build a better world.

I love working with caramel as it gives me an opportunity to work with children and bring smiles to their faces.

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